Blogs in Plain English - You Tube

Blogging Basics
Simple, yet thoughtful, guidelines for the beginning blogger are presented.

Secret Life of Bees
An effective combination of student writing and illustrations that capture the essence of this story

Avoiding the Five Most Common Mistakes in Using Blogs with Students
The essential difference between a blog and other online tools is that it is intended to be an individual publication: a one-way monologue or self-post to which others may comment but do not contribute. The original post remains as the person who posted it wanted it to be.

Students should be fully aware of what the expectations are and how the tool is being used in their learning process. Once students understand this, they are more likely to participate and to a greater degree of critical awareness.

The Use of Blogs in Education

Madness in the Method: High School English Blog
Many great examples of involving students in the blogging process.

Miller's English 10 Classroom Blog
Another great example of using the blog to get students to respond. It looks like she uses it as a way to assess student learning.

Jargon - De Mystified
Starting your journey into the online world can feel like a crazy place where the inhabitants speak a totally new language. So here’s a glossary of commonly used terms created to help.

Blogs for Teachers

Collecting Children's Book

Reading Rants
Teaching in the 21st Century

Teacher in the Middle

The Blogosphere World


While they still track and link to the top blogs, posts, and tags, the unique content written by hundreds of bloggers will complement what the rest of the world is saying. In addition to this, each of the channels has a variety of feature columns that cover specific niches of the blogosphere and news.


The term "wiki" is derived from the phrase "WikiWiki", which is the Hawaiian word for "quick". A wiki is a
web site
which allows people to contribute content; see our article on wikis for more information about this.

What is a Wiki?
Teachers define what a wiki is! On this You Tube clip wikis are defined as 3-D portals for learning that allow students to access and share ideas without necessarily needing to be technologically savvy.

What can a Wiki do?
Wikis facilitate communication, collaboration, and planning. This You Tube video explains Wiki use by showing how a camping trip can be planned in a real-time 21st Century way.

WANDA – Works Analyzed Notated Discussed & Archived
- An example of an 8th grade classroom incorporating digital online literature circles
inquiry-based approach
taught principles of netiquitte
modeled effective (and ineffective) communication
principles of design
fair use
proper citation of sources

Ideas for using Wikis in the Classroom
Wikis have different applications in the K- 12 classroom! This site connects to popular wikis and further explains their uses.

Wikis Can Connect a Classroom – and MORE!
This site shows how to use wikis in and beyond the classroom. It is a site by educators - for educators.

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning
Michael Gorman has gathered a wide variety of resources to spur Educational Technology into the 21st Century. Something for everyone!

Educational Wikis
This gives a long listing of wikis used in education. Great compilation and international minded, too!

Welker's Wikinomics
The primary contributors to this wiki are AP and IB Economics students at Shanghai American School and Zurich International School.

Choose Your Own Story Wiki
This concept could be used with younger students as well.


Information and Answers about Wikipedia

Jimmy Wales on the Birth of Wikipedia

Is Wikipedia Reliable?