Bib 2.0 Technology and the Indispensable Library

This award-winning blog simply boggles the mind (or is that bloggles). It is a great, thoughtful source of information.

Adult Books for Teens

School Library Journal hosts these informative posts. Also featured are links to other relevant book reviewing links.

Annoyed Librarian

The Annoyed Librarian goes for a walk on the library wild side and takes you along with her. Pithy.

Awful Library Books

This site is a collection of library holdings which are amusing and questionable for public libraries trying to maintain a current and relevant collection. The criteria for inclusion of titles are simply anything that amuses. These books are just odd, outdated or maybe should be reconsidered under a current interpretation of collection policies.

Bud the Teacher

Bud Hunt is an instructional technologist for the St. Vrain Valley School District in northern Colorado. He is a teacher-consultant with the Colorado State University Writing Project, an affiliate of the National Writing Project, a group working to improve the teaching of writing in schools via regular and meaningful professional development.

The Centered Librarian

Tracks innovation, development and experimentation in information studies and library science and spotting new technologies, trends and much more.

Not So Distant Future

This is a forum for discussing web 2.0 tools, teaching strategies, and library research tools for educators. A primary focus is how Web 2.0 tools can transform schools and libraries.

100 Scope Notes

Provides reviews of children's literature and more!

Judge a Book

Hideous book covers! Pretty funny all in all.

Free Technology for Teachers

Free resources and lesson plans for teaching with technology. Amazing!

Salem Press Blog List

Want more ideas for good library blogs? Apparently librarians LIKE to blog and share information - who knew?


The WANDA Project

This Wiki shows an excellent example of using wikis as a way for students to communicate as they work together on literature circles.

More, More, More Wikis!

Just follow this link to many wonderful Educational Wikis. True, some are better than others, but it is a treasure trove of information - and instructive on how wikis can be used in the classroom.

MPS Information Wiki

This has some excellent information regarding information literacy.

Millard Policy: DO NOT use Wikis or Blogs when students are involved unless they come through a school-district approved protected product. You may create Blogs and Wikis on School Fusion for classroom use. Gaggle also has provisions for collaborative learning, blogging, and social networking.

BUT Millard teachers can have their own professional presence on both public wikis and blogs.

Trails - Tools for Real-Time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills