We are going to explore the use of a wiki in our Educational Technology class as a means to compile information for a group in comprehensive, excellent way. We will be using the best of what's new in 2.0 sites as well as finding information on the web.
Let's GO!

Cognitive Conjectures

Rocky Mountain National Park
I still have a lot to learn about Glogs, but this is a great teaching idea! I will have to continue using these to figure out ways to be more creative and innovative in information-sharing. This is an excellent idea for visual learners, and it's the type of assignment that doesn't take weeks to implement!

This was very helpful to me when I was teaching in an ESL classroom to Spanish speakers. A picture speaks 1,000 words! -EB

This is an amazing resource that gives the concept of differentiation a whole new meaning! It has changed the way I do lesson plans, and puts a highly personal tough on the way children learn by adding the element of choice. I would encourage anyone to research this, because the concepts that are specified may be adapted to fit virtually every type of lesson. -E.B.

I have subscribed to the newsletters in here, because this blog is packed with a ton of fun and practice ideas! My favorite is "reading baskets..." She shows creative ways to set up classrooms, organize, and teach-- not only through writing, but also through pod-casts! I hope you all enjoy this as much as I have been.- E.B.

History Lesson Plans
I love this resource for finding creative ideas to teach history! - EB

VCY America
The above website doesn't really have anything to do with teaching, but if you want to be informed on current world affairs with a biblical perspective, this is the place to go! There are also different speakers who come on weekly on Crosstalk. I love this site.

If you are teaching WORLD HISTORY, this is the place to go! This is excellent if you learn best through time lines. There are actually outside sources of information on different events. YOU can chose how you want the information presented!

If you go here and type in "Greg Maroney," you will have a long list of beautiful piano music to play from. :) It is so relaxing to listen to while working on homework or lesson plans. -EB

Eric Barger
This is a link to the Take a Stand ministry... He has EXCELLENT sermons that are well-worth listening to. I have learned so much from him.

Judgment Seat of Christ
I decided to save the very BEST for last... If you don't have time to listen to this whole sermon, here is a 7-minute excerpt:
Short version
"STAMP ETERNITY ON OUR EYEBALLS!" I could listen to this over and over and over and over and over........ It is SO rich.

Blog: Kirk Brown's Blog

Eric Whitacre's Website , great information on his compositions and really cool media

Planet Money is a really cool podcast that dumbs down economic issues for the layperson. Their blog is really well done and I think it is really interesting.

Think technology has nothing to do with choir? Think agian, awesome. Virtual Choir

This is one of my favorite artist, Andy Osenga, and he has two of his EP's free online. Literally some of my favorite songs ever are on these albums. Just scroll down and click on Letters To The Editor Vol. 1 and then Vol. 2. Andy Osenga Music

Sweet tap dancing Jesus this teacher is funny! Taylor Mali

Here is a free, online translation of the Bible that is really good (endorsed by Dr. Pagenkemper) and it offers some interesting interpretation tools. NETBible

This is Roger Ebert's website with the Sun Times. It is cool to find out what movies he likes, but it is even more fun to read his reviews of the movies he hates.

Australia glog . This was a choir trip that was really, really fun.

Ever wanted to learn to identify chords and their qualities just by seeing them written? Well, look no further. This website is cool because it helps learning to read music and identify chords plus it allows you to score yourself. http://musictheory.net/


Fun Brain
Cool games here! - M.B.

Games to make your student think. - M.B.

www.eduplace.com/edugames.html Challenging student online games. M.B.

www.arcademicskillbuilders.com/ Games to make learning fun. M.B.

Thought Experiment
This is a neat site where you can pick up and drag common images into a collage. (MB)

Great ideas for teachers. (M.B.)

Interactive online lessons. (M.B.)

Teacher tools for helping with lesson plans. (M.B.)

PBS teachers assistance information.(M.B.)


My glogster has basic information about what you would need in getting ready for a new baby. It has tips for registering and suggestions for what you would need for clothing/bedding, health/bath and feeding.


This is a website I am using to create a family tree for one of my classes. It is a great website because you can add pictures, dates, names, etc. Another great feature this website has is that you can view your family information in list form and print it off for quick reference. (I.C.)

This is another website that I often use to help make bibliographies.There are many different options that allow you to site just about any type of source. You simply enter the basic information about the source and it puts it in the correct format for you. (I.C.)

Teacher resources:
Using Music in the classroom:
This is a great website that has songs and lyrics that can be used when teaching. It is very user friendly because the songs can be viewed by artist or by subject. (I.C.)

This website is an online modified version of Jeopardy that is catered toward teaching math. It is a great website because it allows students to do math problems in an interactive, game based setting. (I.C.)

This is a math practice site that I stumbled across in looking for interactive games that students can use to build their basic math skills. It is really awesome because it has all different grades and skills that you can focus in on, and is extremely easy. You simply have to pick a grade and a skill and click the link, and you will be brought to the game that goes along with that skill. (I.C.)

Lesson plan ideas by subject
This is a great website that has lesson plan ideas by subject area. You simply choose a subject, grade level and then browse through the lesson plans they have available. It has everything from game ideas to full thematic units, and is extremely easy to use and easy to print! (I.C.)

I found this website while looking for new art project ideas for one of my units. It is extremely user friendly and allows you to search everything from grade level, to which crayola product you would like to use. The lesson plans themselves are great as well. They list out all the materials, steps and even include tips about supervision or integrating other projects. (I.C.)

The Opinionizer

This is a quick, easy, and free place to make websites. Plus there are no adds or banners. (DD)

Add It Up
Here is a fast paced and fun game that teaches and reinforces basic addition skills. (DD)

Rubistar.com Whenever you are developing a project or paper, this website gives you a quick, easy, and free way to make a rubric for your assignment. It gives you a simple template, with a database of different subjects to choose from. You can have rubistar fill in each category itself, or your can edit them. Makes rubric writing easy as pie. (DD)

Ninja Poetry
Most students are not right away interested in poetry, nor whatever subject we as teachers are presenting. Thus we learn the Anticipatory Set, grabbing the interest of our students and leading into our lesson. This video work great for such a Set for a Poetry unit.

http://gamescene.com/Word_Spell.html - Word Spell, a fun game that test vocab and spacial ability.

Wacky Web Tales - Here is a place were you can make your own mad libs! Great for engaging the students in a grammar lesson.

Multiple Intelligences - Here is our Multiple Intelligences glog

A to Z Teacher Stuff - All sorts of ideas for lesson plans, units, and more


This is really great website that provides many useful tools for make bibliographies. My personal favorite is the Bib Express. This allows you to easily cite a source according to MLA, APA or Chicago style. There are also tools that help you to make your list of sources and it keeps them in alphabetical order for you. The best part of it all, is that they allow you to copy and paste the citation.

This is a cool website that you can use to create text. It has some stuff to create text sort of like Microsoft Word and has many different fonts and such. Hwowever, it also gives you the capabilty to make animated text. You can paste them into your classroom presentations to give them a little more flare and catch someone's attention.

This is the website of one of my favorite Christian authors. Her website has a lot of great tools for working with young girls and for young girls. Her work teaches about what true "authentic beauty" really looks like in our world today. Check out some of her podcast for a great message!

Many of you may know about this site already, but I visit it frequenlty and wanted to grace you all who do not know about it. It is an online radio that allows you to build your own perfect radio station. If there is a song you dislike, you can set it up so you never have to hear it again, as well as saving your favorites! Check it out!

This is my glog! I decided to do it on stamping because it something I like to do for fun. It is a great way to make an inexpensive , yet meaningful gift!



Educational Website for making Rubrics: Rubistar!

Business Education Lesson Plans!: Lessons!

This a very fun strategy game that is also used to promote math by implementing budgeting: Tower Defense!

I also have a cool story: I made an awesome glog, saved and published it, copied the link, and none of that works now for some reason. Sad day, not the best story I guess.

Here is a good website to help locate some educational survices! Educational Services

You probably already know about this place, but its the best for finding things you need at low prices or free! Craigs List!

It is probably good to know about this place, just in case: OPS!

Here is another great educational website with lots of education-type games for children: Fun Brain!

Blog: http://cklittlefamily.blogspot.com
My Glog: Glogster
If you are into fun, free, photo-editing, this website is one of the best out there! (K.L.)

I am working on a Solar System-themed unit for my science methods class & I have found that NASA has a ton of resources--dedicated not only to fans of space, but also for students and teachers! Check it out! (K.L.)

This is an awesome website to go to for printing off coloring pages. They have every category imaginable, and I have used their "stuff" many times with my Campfire kids. (K.L.)

This game is the greatest, most frustrating activity I have ever played! I think you will all enjoy it! (K.L.)

Snow Line
Tired? Stressed? Need some relief from all those midterms? Check out this website for a fun-filled, stess-free activity! (K.L.)

When I was a sixth grader, we did a unit on the Iditarod. Each student was given a musher to keep track of & track during the race. (For those of you who don't know, the Iditarod is a sled-dog race across Alaska every year.) Every year since then, during the months of February and March, I have gone back and tracked my mushers. It's really interesting! (K.L.)

CR-B Crusaders
This is where I went to high school...for those who are truly interested. It was a fantastic school--I must say. (K.L.)

http://amann2750.blogspot.com ALM

Math Links
Here is a great link that I found for math teachers. The site has different math games and different math sites. Students can play around and find fun games or ways that will make math fun! ALM

This is the orphanage in Haiti that I visited. I hope you enjoy it. ALM

This site is awesome if you are going to see a movie but are ify about it. This allows you to search a movie and get a Christian perspective on the movie. ALM

This site is helpful for teachers in stress management. It has tips such as exercising or listening to music to unwind for the day. ALM

This site is a personal guide to planning a vaccation in Nebraska. It has everything from things to do and place to stay to the history of Nebraska that can help you plan your next adventure. ALM

This site is very helpful when helping with a worksited page for a paper. In some instance you can even type in the book's ISBN number and it will site the source for you. It can also help our future students when typing up worksited for their papers. ALM

This site has jobs in education for the Omaha area. Happy job hunting!!! ALM

Time magazine has all the current events that are helpful in topic choosing for history or social study teachers. These topics will engage your students in discussion that broadens their horizons. ALM

Group Glog: http://mandalarae.glogster.com/groupglog/
Here is the glog that Matt, Morgan, and I did on multiple literacies.




Glogging for dumbbies Why Glog? What is a Glog? How old do you have to be to Glog? in what states is it illeagel to Golg? How can I start Glogging? These questions and more may be answers in this great tutorial.

A word smith's sharp sword
Be prepared to be stung with a sharp wit.

A Big Red Button
Behold it in all it's majesty!!!

[[http:<iframe src= |Want to see a poster of me? Me nither, but click on this if you are bored?]] You don't know me, You don't know me at all...

want to waste time? CGNU

I love quotes and if you do to then please click here Good Quotes, not extensive but good none the less.

Want to Know a word that is better then the one you can think of? Click Here Title Says it all.

[[http://www.justsoccerdrills.com/largesquarerectanglesoccerdrills.html |Fun Soccer Drills for Coaches]] This website gives tons and tons of different ideas for different drills that focus on different attributes of the game.




This site is really nice for students, parents and teachers! There are many topics to choose from and there is a lot you can do with each one. For us who are becoming teachers this site is helpful for finding ideas and lesson plans. -M.P.

This site is wonderful for teachers when they want to show a video of some sort! I am working on units and I think it's perfect to use this site! :) M.P.

As the site says, this place is the educator's best friend! You can find lesson plans, school issues, technology integration, and more! M.P.

This site is AWESOME!!!! Check it out - that's all I have to say :) -M.P.

This is a wonderful site to find lesson plans, ideas for thematic unit topics, etc. -M.P.

This site is always helpful for me when I am trying to make a bibliography! -M.P.

This site is amazing!!! There are multiple options for each season and holidays even! There's games, crafts, activities, jokes, etc. This is also a useful resource for parents and teachers as well!! - M.P.


We had fun using this to make a family photo album and also when we home schooled used them to make school year books for our boys. (AJP)

This is an excellent source as a study tool if you're in need of different versions of the Bible. (AJP)

The Henry Doorly Zoo has educational classes for the young and old, check them out and see! (AJP)

Here is a great math link that has really helped me with Algebra. (AJP)

Great Educational Games Here is a sight my kids think is great fun and it's educational! (AJP)

Google Movies in Omaha
Movies in Omaha - AJP

Bell Bicycle Safety helmets

Restaurant coupons and gift certificates for our local area.


Ebscohost A great place to find online resources

GOOD EAR: A FANTASTIC ear training website a nessesary thing for all music majors

JW PEPPER a really great place to buy sheet music

scholarships dozen of scholarships for all ages

Music Teacher resources A fun bag with lots of whistles to use in a music classroom

Public domain music A whole website full of music for public usage

Free Business Cards you just pay shipping, its great for getting your name out when needed

tools to keep organized Get a free Calendar to print from this site


Glog: Blake Teichmeier


Gimp- Photo Editing Blessing
This is a mirror image of Adobe Photoshop and it takes a while to become accustomed to but it is an amazing program for editing pictures. You can use it to make PNGs, JPEGs, and just about anything else you would like to make. It is professional without the big price tag and I really support it as a great tool. BT
**Pandora- Great Free Online Radio**
This is a great website for listening to music in the classroom or even while relaxing and doing the dishes. How it works is you type in the name of a favorite band or a song by that band and then they look at similarities and find bands that you may like. Its amazing because you can give the music a thumbs down or a thumbs, so they know what you like. Its very interactive and enjoyable. BT

Get Google Earth! With it you can make a 3-D tour of anywhere in the world, Mars, stars and even the moon. It will also allow you to go beneath the sea and look at the terrain. Pretty awesome and completely free. Check it out and see what you think.
Check out Flickr.com, it is my favorite photo website because it contains thousands of high quality pictures and allows you to save them in a variety of sizes. This picture was taken by Aussiegall. You can find thousands of other amazing pictures there too. Don't bore your students with photos that are fuzzy or dinky, find pictures of things that relate to your material and are very vivid.
If you are planning on playing some music or a movie you may wanna check one of these sites for its content. Plugged In has reviews for every type of medium but I find that the reviews are lengthy and hard to read not too mention I couldn't find my favorite band so I was fairly disappointed but it should work for new movies and such. This is my favorite one but it sometimes lacks movies that are older or hard to find Kids In Mind.

I thought I would tell you who my favorite band is because they have such great music and I think they are fairly likable by just about anyone. They are named Thrice and they have a great Christian message without the contemporary disdain that most non-Christians have for worship bands. Check em out and let me know what you think Thrice: Beggars.Amazon_blake.png

The most amazing site for purchasing just about anything is not Ebay, though it is good sometimes you get scammed. Amazon is a great place to buy about anything because you can find just about anything.
Do you ever feel absolutely annoyed at all the adds calling out to you, I am talking to the guys. "Girls want you! Russian Women, Punk Girls", Its like a full out assault on the facebook sidebar, so add Mozilla Firefox and get Ad blocker plus. It will eliminate all those pictures and adds and annoying ones as well. Its may be a little slower than Google chrome but they are taking over the world one computer at a time so join me in the rebellion against nasty ads and monopolies.


Louie Giglio "How Great is Our God"
This youtube video of Louie Giglio is truly amazing. You should check it out and see just how big God is. He has other great videos as well that you could check out. I could see using this video (with permission of course) in a Christian Science classroom.

This website will give you ideas for lesson plans, units, teacher tools and tips.

This is a great website for teachers to find crafts for different holidays and other ideas.

If you click on the above link you will find many games designed for kindergartners. There are activities they can do alone and also some they can do with an adults help.

This would be a useful site for any teacher. There are lessons, units, games, crafts, worksheets, and many other links to other activities.

This website gives many links that would be very helpful. It gives links to websites like pbskids.org, and handsoncrafts.org

I think that this would be a great site for kids to go to. It has games that are educational and fun for a kid to go to. There are even comics and web books like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

Kids would love this website! There are many activites and things for kids to learn about. It is a great educational site that includes subjects like: Human Biology, Animal Database, and Dinosaur Website. (There are just a few of many!) Check it out!


My glog from my group project:http://mandalarae.glogster.com/groupglog/

My Blog: http://mythoughtsforthosewhocaretohear.blogspot.com/

This is a website that covers sports at the NCCAA level and that I visit and contribute to on a regular basis: http://ccsnonline.com/

This is an online version of my favorite translation of the Bible the CBJ it's the translation that the messionic jews use. they way it is worded and translated show the jewish flovor and understandings that they have: http://www.biblestudytools.com/cjb/

This is my own personal glog: http://morear5955.glogster.com/glog/

This is the homepage for the NCCAA. I use this website many times during the school year with the work I do for our athletic department. http://www.thenccaa.org

Burdic's Best Bets

Photo Editing Tools



Visual Tools

Word Sift

Allows the user to create 'word clouds' from text entered into this easy online generator. The more times a word is used, the larger it appears in the generated text. Text generated can either be housed on the Wordle website or can be downloaded in a graphic format to be used independently in presentations. Users have a choice between a variety of fonts, colors, and styles. Here's a example using Psalm 23

Turns words -- famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your love letters -- into a visually stunning tag cloud, words individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurrence within the body of text.

PicLits.com is a creative writing site that matches beautiful images with carefully selected keywords in order to inspire you. The object is to put the right words in the right place and the right order to capture the essence, story, and meaning of the picture.

Look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts. Produce diagrams reminiscent of a neural net. Learn how words associate.

Browsing Tools

Zac Browser

Audio Tools

Voice Thread



Go Animate
Create Your Own Animations!

Glogster - Education


Stupeflix Studio

Websites with Great Teaching Ideas

Graphic Novel Lesson Plans


Lightning Librarian
This fun fast-paced game that challenges teachers and students alike to remember locations of books. See how fast you can fill patron orders.

Overview Web Sites

Big Deal Newsletter
Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day
Free Technology for Teachers
Nebraska Learns
21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Very Cool
This site contains links to older Cornell University Library books that have been scanned and can be viewed in PDF or html format. Holdings from the Library of Congress are also featured. It also contains links to older versions of websites. Links to music and pamphlets are also featured in this deep and interesting site. Worth checking into!

Really Web-Geeky

If you really want to dig into web development, this is a great site!

Literature for Children


Smart Board Resources

Teachers Love SMART Boards - http://www.teacherslovesmartboards.com/

There's a search tool that seems to work pretty well. I typed in "jeopardy" and it brought up both PPT templates that can be used with the SMART Board, as well as some templates of jeopardy games created for SMART Notebook software.

The SMART Exchange - http://exchange.smarttech.com/forum.html?url=/Language.aspx

You do need to register for an account to use this site, but it's really a depository (probably not the right word to use...) of lessons created by teachers. I was able to search by keyword, subject area and grade level.

Gavin's SMART Board Blog - http://smartboardchat.blogspot.com/

This was a cool blog that seems to share a lot of great tips and lesson ideas and tempaltes.

Wichita Public Schools SMART Lessons - http://technology.usd259.org/resources/whiteboards/smartlessons.htm

This site shares lessons created by teacher. The are organized by elementary, middle and high school and then further sub-divided by subject.

Lee Summit Schools in Kansas City - http://its.leesummit.k12.mo.us/smartboard.htm

This site is basically a list of interactive webistes, sites that contain information on SMART Lessons, or links to actual pre-made templates.

Rockingham County Public Schools - http://www.rockingham.k12.va.us/howto/smartboard/smartboard.htm__

This site has general SMART tips, as well as links to great resources and templates and another section of lessons that were created and shared by the teachers of Rockingham County School District.


Incredible Art Lessons

Choir method ideas (don't be distracted by the awful book covers)

American History This is a great site that teaches history in an entertaining manner. Great for elementary.

Education World This is a great website for teachers K-8. It covers all subject areas. There are great activities including brain teasers that would be good in a math class.

Math Links
Here is a great link that I found for math teachers. The site has different math games and different math sites. Students can play around and find fun games or ways that will make math fun!

http://www.chompchomp.com/menu.htm - Grammar Bytes, a great resource for grammar definitons and a cool test game.


Vocabulary Builders